Gutter Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

Gutter cleaning is an important home maintenance task that prevents water damage to the house, foundation and structure. If you have trees near your home, it is recommended to clean your gutters bi-annually (or more frequently if there are lots of leaves in your area). Gutter cleaning can be difficult and dangerous if done incorrectly since you will likely be working on a ladder. Luckily, there are many options for homeowners to make the job easier and safer.

One of the most popular options for homeowners is to rent a power washer from a local hardware store. There are also professional Reston power washing services that can be hired by the hour or by the job. These groups may have special detergent solutions that are formulated to be used for different types of house siding, such as vinyl, brick or wood.

When using a power washer for house siding, it is recommended to start at the top of the home and work your way down. This ensures that the nozzle is not too close to the surface and avoids damaging it. Additionally, it is always best to use a nozzle with a wide coverage pattern and not a narrow one, which will only target small areas and won’t remove the dirt as well.

Another option is to hire a professional Reston gutter cleaner. This service will usually charge by the hour and will include the use of a truck-mounted power washer and a ladder. These services are typically a more cost effective option than renting a power washer and doing it yourself.

If you decide to do it yourself, the following are some tips on how to clean your gutters:

Make sure the ladder is placed in a safe location and secured. This is especially important if the gutters are high off the ground and if you have overhanging trees nearby. Always have a buddy with you in case something goes wrong while you are on the ladder. Wear safety gear to protect yourself from debris, pests/insects and chemicals. Wear a long-sleeved shirt, pants and rubber gloves.

Lastly, use a garden trowel or a shop vacuum outfitted with a gutter-cleaning attachment ($30, The Home Depot) to scoop out the light buildup of debris and deposit it into a bucket. For heavy buildup, a pressure washer with a fine-mist nozzle may be required to blast away the grime.

After your gutters are cleaned, it is recommended to rinse them with a hose until the water runs clear. You should also rinse the downspouts and check that they are clear of clogs. A clogged downspout can lead to water damage to your roof and foundation. A plumber’s snake or a garden auger can be helpful for removing clogs, but if the problem persists, contact a professional to handle it.

Replacing Old Roof With New Roof

The first thing you must do is to decide if the cost is more cost effective to replace old roofs with new one. Also there are some cases where you have to replace old roofs with new one but then you have to pay for installation of the new one.

The second thing that you must do is to make a list of all the equipment that you will need for the installation of new one. You can do this by asking the help of your family and friends. If they are not willing to help then search for a professional roofing contractor. There are many contractors available and you can contact them for their services.

The third thing that you must do is to check all the conditions of the site where you want to install the new roof. It is very important that the place has an adequate amount of sunlight. If the sunlight is not enough then it will be difficult for you to install the new roof. Also you should find out whether there is any obstruction in the area. If you cannot do everything on your own then get the help of roofing professionals.

It is also a good idea to go for an expert that can do the task faster. By doing this you will save a lot of time and money. You will need to visit different sites before you finally settle for the best one. You can also check out the rates and the discounts offered by the different companies. All these things will help you a lot in selecting the right place and the best company.

Before making the decision for the new roof you will need to ask the opinion of the people that work in the building. If the people feel that the building is safe then it will be better for you to choose it. They will know what kind of roof will be suitable for it. You also have to take into account the climatic condition in that area.

Once you have chosen the location and have asked the opinion of the people that work in that building then the time of making the final decision for the new roof will come very quickly. If you want the roof to last for more than one year then you need to choose a roofing material that will not change the condition of the building. You will also have to choose the right kind of roofing that will not cause any kind of problem in the future.