A Guide to Making Your Auto Oil Change Easier

Regular auto oil change services can greatly help the most integral parts and components of your vehicle, stay safe from both of its primary enemies, heat and friction. If the filter and oil become too old, your vehicle will be difficult to operate and may even be damaged. In addition, too little oil lubricates the various moving parts and mechanisms of your vehicle, causing wear, and tear that is expensive to repair. Therefore, changing your own oil can save you money by preventing costly repairs.

Before you start anytime, it is imperative to make sure the oil filter and your engine are cool. To test the level, simply get an engine running and then place the drops of oil in the crankcase. If the level is high, or the oil flows easily, then it is time to change your oil.

When doing your maintenance, remember to change the oil as well as the filter when necessary. Oil filters are very cheap and easy to change; therefore, it is smart to replace yours at regular intervals. The process itself is fairly simple. Prior to beginning, you should open up the hood and locate the drain plug under the oil cap. After the plug is located, make your way to the engine block and locate the oil filter.

Next, you need to place the oil filter on the crankcase while watching for oil leaks. You need to watch carefully because oil can leak anywhere inside the engine, not just on the crankcase. If any leaks are found, you will need to remove the oil filter and discard it.

Once the filter is removed, you can remove the drain plug, which holds the old oil. You can use a funnel to pour the new oil into the crankcase but be sure that it’s a good fit. The best way to ensure that the new oil is evenly distributed is to make sure that it’s between the cowlings and then back in the engine. You may need to do some adjustments to the carburetor to make sure that the oil filter is seated properly. If you feel comfortable enough, you can remove the old oil and pour the new oil into the engine. Make sure that it’s adequately saturated with fuel before starting your vehicle.

Your engine oil level should be checked before each oil change to make sure that you’re using the right amount of oil. It is also important to keep an eye on the level of the fuel. You don’t want to get low, which can lead to a misfire or even an accident. When you get ready for your next oil change, be sure that you’ve covered the basic maintenance tasks. Taking these basic steps will help make the auto oil change process go smoothly and efficiently. Visit www.chicagolandautorepairshop.com for more details on auto maintenance.